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PIRLS FacilitiesThe Product Innovation & Realization Laboratory Suite (PIRLS) is a teaching laboratory designed to provide students with the capability of progressing through the Product Development Process (PDP) in one convenient location. PIRLS provides workspace, computers, materials, tools and a knowledgeable staff to work with students in achieving their solution realization.



Students disecting toolThe Mechanical Engineering Design Lab (DesignME) is a workroom where students can have group meetings, brainstorming sessions, and make use of a wide selection of construction tools and materials. The lab contains workstations where students can collaborate and tools to facilitate design and construction. An electronics assembly area is included in this lab for projects that involve circuit manufacturing.

DesignME Computer Lab

Solid Works ScreenshotThe DesignME computer lab connects to DesignME and contains six workstations that provide students with high-speed internet, scanning and printing capabilities and a variety of software packages. In addition to the standard software found in the engineering computer labs, the DesignME Computer lab is equipped with Minitab Quality Companion 2, CNC and plastic prototyping software, and cost analysis software.


Assembling a paper prototypeThe Mechanical Engineering Prototyping Lab (ProtoME) houses equipment and machines that are used to bring designs to life. This lab contains plastic rapid prototyping, paper prototyping, and metal prototyping capabilities. The goal is to provide students the ability to create and experiment with designs to gain a deeper understanding of their projects and offer a sense of completion. Located in the ProtoME lab are two CNC mills and two CNC lathes. In the DesignME computer lab, a rapid plastic prototyper and a peper prototyper are available for use in conjunction with software found on the desktop computers.


ENME 371
ENME 371
RSR Fourier Team with 
					Human Powered Sub
Fourier Team w/ Human Powered Sub

The Mechanical Engineering Build Lab (BuildME) is geared towards providing space and tools for assembly and construction of student projects of all sizes. The lab houses one of the University-sponsored competition teams in the Human Powered Sub team and is also availabe for use by students in the ENME371 and ENME472 courses.

ME Machine Shop

Machine ShopThe Mechanical Engineering Machine Shop (ME Shop) is a facility that houses manual equipment for students to utilize in the construction of projects. The shop contains mills, saws, lathes, and drill presses

See the equipment page for more  photos.

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